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MEDIA IN THE NEW NORM – A Whitepaper by Entropia

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By now there is absolutely no doubt that globally, and equally here in Malaysia, the survival instinct against Covid-19 has transformed lifestyles indelibly. Changes encompass ways of socialising, learning and shopping – from online meetings and virtual celebrations with friends, to the simplest and most frugal purchases, or following fitness courses online, as well as e-learning – all of which are now referred to as the ‘new normal’.

Whilst the end of the current crisis is unfortunately nowhere in sight, it is highly likely that some habits formed now will endure for a while and beyond this crisis, making it a turning point, with long-term impact on the way we live, work, play and shop.

Digital connectivity has taken even more control of consumers’ daily habits. And safeguarding health, which many previously took for granted, has become a top priority. But while safety-related and humanitarian aspects are top-of-mind, there is little doubt that social distancing, quarantining and working from home have affected media consumption habits permanently.

To explore this further, we recently took the initiative to conduct a study in Klang Valley, among a sample of 300 adults randomly selected across different age, gender and race segments to assess some of these trends, and draw learnings in the process of adopting the ‘new normal’ when evaluating media for our clients.

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