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Lazada Malaysia taps on Entropia’s offerings for WECOMMERCE 2019

Lazada Malaysia taps on Entropia’s offerings for WECOMMERCE 2019

Lazada Malaysia partnered with Entropia to create experiential spaces for its recent Lazada WECOMMERCE 2019 seller’s conference utilising augmented reality and mixed reality technology to showcase four distinct areas. They are WeHeartTech (which contain the WeHeartCosmetics, WeHeartFashion and WeHeartSnax sub-spaces), WeHeartData, WeHeartMixedReality, and WeHeartYou.

Within the WeHeartTech space, the role of tech in the Lazada success story took centre stage with sections dedicated to fashion, cosmetics, as well as snacks and other perishables. WeHeartFashion showcased being ahead of the fashion curve. Within this space, a fashion mirror used AR to project outfits onto shoppers, allowing customers the experience of a brick and mortar store, minus the hassle.

WeHeartCosmetics used similar AR technology to test cosmetic products and virtually apply it on customers’ faces, while WeHeartSnax covered convenience at the touch of consumers’ fingertips, with a futuristic, cashier-less twist. Meanwhile, WeHeartMixedReality showed Lazada’s commitment to providing experiences beyond the normal, ultimately marrying offline and online stores by combining augmented and virtual reality. WeHeartData focused on real-time data tracking as the key insight to running any business, with deep-dives into each brand’s backend workings at super speed, to analyse and simplify customer or purchase data, solely for the benefit of the seller.

Ramakrishnan CN, partner at Entropia said, “Lazada is pushing boundaries in eCommerce, so we wanted to create a truly immersive experience for their partners to experience the future of commerce and accelerate the growth of their online businesses.” According to him, each space showcased how using extended reality tech married with eCommerce, can make the shopping experience personalised, intuitive, seamless and exciting.

Lazada Group recently rolled out a new credit card in partnership with Citi, targeting over 500,000 sign-ups of the new card across the region over the next few years. The card was first launched in Malaysia and will be introduced to other markets in the region over the next six months.

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