Entropia wins record 20 advertising and industry awards

Ramakrishnan: We are highly competitive in each of the areas but true differentiation comes with integration.

FOR a 20-month-old agency, bagging 20 advertising and marketing industry awards is a remarkable feat.

This is what Entropia has achieved when it won 20 MARKies and Agency of the Year (AOTY) awards in various categories, including digital, media, social and creative agency of the year, across different clients like Etika, KFC and Tesco, among others.

It won the highest number of awards among all the participating agencies and with six golds in various categories. The awards which is sort of an “olympics” of advertising and marketing industry saw the agency’s division Entropia Noir’s clinching the most awards for its work for brands such as KFC, Wonda Coffee, Calpis, Mountain Dew and Tesco.

Commenting on the win, Ent-ropia Noir partner Ramakrishnan C.N tells StarBizWeek that the common theme that runs across the wins are strategically relevant ideas, new age innovations, data fuelled creativity and an outcome-centric approach.

“Looking at the wins, it would be difficult to place us within the confines of the traditional lines of media agency, creative agency or a digital agency and this is something that has been the core of our model.

“We are highly competitive in each of the areas but true differentiation comes with integration. The majority of our clients are taking advantage of the integrated services across multiple services and that has been shown in the campaigns that we have done for them,” he adds.

Entropia began operations in 2016 and in less than two years had grown from 20 people to 120 currently, adding more than 30 advertisers to its portfolio.

Ramakrishnan attributed the success of the agency to its CAPRI culture. CAPRI in short stands for curious, agile, playful, relentless and inventive.

Curious is about people, insights and ideas, and this makes the process of learning and delivering the new, enjoyable and self-driven.

Agile refers to openness and flexibility while playful refers to people who are not afraid to debate or challenged and incorporating work with fun culture.

Relentless refers to looking at each campaign as a fresh new challenge. Lastly, inventive revolves around innovating new solutions, and revelling in the excitement of pushing the boundaries.

“CAPRI is not just a theoretical construct for us, but is a critical factor across all human resource processes – recruitment, appraisals, bonuses, awards and career pathway. This helps us get the right kind of people to drive the integrated offering across our clients that we consult for.

“Our integrated process is called Integrity and it is one of a kind in the market that marries data, CRM and e-commerce to integrated campaign planning,” he explains.

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