Entropia unifies campaigns ecommerce and CRM seamlessly

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Entropia – the new age marketing services consultancy – has launched INTEGRITY – a new Communications planning process and tool suite, that brings the traditionally disparate areas of Campaigns, Commerce and CRM into a single, unified strategic thinking.

INTEGRITY is built around the belief of “Media as CX” – putting media as key to a complete customer experience. While product design, websites, apps, and customer service, have long focused on a cohesive quality experience for customers, most of brand media have focused on the sheer efficiency of exposure. This has happened at the cost of annoying, tiring, boring and creeping out people.

According to Entropia, media plans must adhere to and enhance the total customer experience with the brand. And an integrated view running across touchpoints is key to that.

Traditionally, while media planning and buying happened via media agencies, CRM and shopper or eCommerce acquisition media were mostly done via specialists or in-house departments. In recent years, this has further fragmented as some clients began using super specialists for digital buys; be it search, social, mobile, programmatic etc.

INTEGRITY is designed to bring these three areas together into one journey of choice, experience and relationship. Commenting on the launch, Prashant Kumar, Senior Partner, Entropia said – “If you look at the process of demand generation, it has split along three key fault lines –data, platforms & content – creating complexity, inefficiency and lack of synergy.”

“INTEGRITY is an effort to bring together the best of these worlds.” Prashant shared.

The INTEGRITY process begins with a growth hypothesis that shapes custom experiences that are then brought to people through adaptive distribution in media. Along the way, it plugs into the customer journey, marrying right moments with personalised content and mining anticipatory intelligence to maximise impact. Ramakrishnan CN, who leads Entropia’s integrated offering said –“There is a whole new world of eCommerce and digital businesses now designed around first party data at the core that is increasingly decoupled from those using external data as the prime focus.”

“We start with the fundamental premise that there is one business, one brand and one consumer. Clearly there should be one media thinking, one creative story, and one way to measure it. We aim for INTEGRITY to help us there.” Rama added.

Earlier this year, Entropia launched their data consulting arm – Sentient – that sought to bring together the world of big data with big ideas. Also it has over last one year, won a slew of CRM and eCommerce clients such as Samsung, KFC, Tesco Online and Beiersdorf among others.

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