Entropia Launches Prescient – A Predictive Marketing Tool for Data-driven Marketing


Kuala Lumpur, 6 May 2020 – Entropia Group has launched Prescient – a predictive marketing tool that marries clients’ transactional data with marketing effectiveness. Entrenching Entropia’s understanding of the intricacies of return on marketing dollars, the role of Prescient is to maximise clients’ allocation of marketing investments to successfully achieve their business objectives.

Prescient includes modules like churn predictor, purchase propensity modelling, cross-sell maximiser, correlative targeting, sales forecasting, market mix allocator, etc. The tool allows for the simulation of future scenarios and its impact on sales, as well as more responsive customer behaviour analytics (including product basket analysis), so marketing and sales teams can make intelligent business decisions, and develop more effective product pricing, placement, cross-sell and up-sell strategies to increase revenues. Working often with individual customer data, it also allows for lucrative segments to be actioned via media.

Developed in-house by Entropia’s big data and technology team from scratch, Prescient has been beta-tested on half a dozen of Entropia’s clients – especially those with strong first party data – in the last six months, and is set to be offered to more and more businesses. The tool also offers a high level of customisation and data security.

Sourabh Agrawal, partner at Entropia, commented on the launch, “Every piece of data hides a story. Stories and insights that can allow the right levers to be pulled to make marketing more effective. But while some stories are more obvious, others are not. Prescient further deepens our commitment to data-driven marketing, bringing a bouquet of most common modelling scenarios in marketing under one suite.”

Prashant Kumar, Entropia founder and senior partner, further commented, “Businesses are often sitting on a treasure trove of data about customers, transactions, media and UX. And using sophisticated modelling, this data can tell us a lot about what to expect in future. If we know what’s coming and why, we have a way to improve that future. Yet predictive modelling is seldom deployed in most businesses, because of its complexity. Prescient is a humble effort to make the complex simple. The interface allows ordinary marketers to see the unseen and act on it. We are excited.”

“COVID-19 has suddenly heightened the need for data-driven marketing, as the virus has become the most unexpected catalyst of digital acceleration. And Prescient is timed to help clients take control of the new normal, and get more with less,” he added.

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